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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As an organisation employing more than 250 employees, we are now required by law to publish our Gender Pay Gap. The Gender Pay Gap report looks at average pay differences between male and female employees across all roles in the UK. It is different to equal pay which considers pay difference between male and female employees who carry out same or similar jobs. The date in this report is based on the snapshot date of 5th April 2017.


Our findings:

  1.        On 5 April 2017 we employed 298 staff of which 93% were male and 7% were female.
  2.        Our mean hourly rate is 8.9% higher for our female employees, while our median is 6.3% higher.
  3.        0.3% of female employees and 35.2% of male employees received bonus pay. Our mean bonus pay is 96.5% lower for our female employees, while our median was 72.7% lower.
  4.        The table below shows the proportion of male and female employees in each quartile.

Base Pay Quartile



Upper 25%



Upper Middle 25%



Lower Middle 25%



Lower 25%





We are confident that our male and female employees receive equal pay for equivalent roles and we aim to continuously review and improve our Gender Pay Gap figures.


The factors which may have affected our findings are:

  1.        Male employees make up for a significant number of our workforce.
  2.        There are a higher proportion of male employees working in our stores where we have bonus incentives in place.
  3.        There are a higher proportion of female employees who work in administrative roles where there are no bonus incentives in place.
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