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Bathroom tiles are the perfect option for creating a long-lasting, fresh look. Wallpaper bubbles in the moisture and carpet gets damp and soggy. At Al Murad, we don’t charge you extra for choosing the sensible option; in fact, we reward you with low prices and fantastic quality. Check out our amazing range of bathroom wall and floor tiles. You will definitely find your dream tiles here.

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    A bestselling White brick shaped ceramic tile, with a bevelled edge and a gloss finish. 

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  • £ 7.49

    The sandstone deposit and formed in the deep ground contains different mineral elements, which created different wonderful textures. The uniform shades create a visual effect of shade flow in circuitous. It also contains a glittering crystal mineral crystal white; its beautiful decorative effect is different from the sandstone at the surface of the Earth.

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  • £ 12.61

    The new porcelain tile collection recreates a modern, wooden effect, which is ideal for wall and floor coverings of contemporary rooms, both indoor and outdoor. This tile has a matt finish with anti-slip features. Available in various colours and sizes

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    The Rapolano series from Baldocer in Spain is possibly one of the best selling tile ranges in the UK. It is a travertine effect wall tile in 2 different sizes - 30x41 cm and 20x30 cm with a coordinating floor tile in 31.6x31.6cm.  Used with either a travertine or glass mosaic as a border or feature panel a stunning bathroom can be achieved without...

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    A structured and textured porcelain floor and wall tile. Using the latest print technology there is an almost infinite variety of patterns which ensures that no two tiles are the same.

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    A modern Italian Stone with a shaded effect dedicated to the biggest spaces, inner and outer. Essential lines exalt the architecture of public and private spaces.

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