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At Al Murad, we know that tiles have been used in bathrooms for centuries because they are waterproof, easy to clean and don’t require a lot of maintenance. We have modernised the bathroom tile concept so you can create chic bathrooms, from a relaxing spa feel to an energetic haven, without having to break your budget. Here at Al Murad, we understand that you want your home to look perfect regardless of your bank balance, so we only stock high-quality tiles at bargain prices.

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Ranges and Collections
  • Metro Range

    Metro is a brick shaped wall tile with a bevelled edge and high gloss finish. Suitable for both kitchen and bathrooms the Metro collection is simple, elegant, and appropriate for both the period and contemporary home. We have a variety of sizes and colours to offer. This Collection has been designed by prestigious collaborations of artists like Javier Mariscal, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Eva Lootz, Mercedes Melero, José Morea, Francis Montesinos and Valentín Herráiz.

  • Mini Metro

    Metro is a brick shaped wall tile with a bevelled edge and high gloss finish. Suitable for both kitchen and bathrooms the Metro collection is simple, elegant, and appropriate for both the period and contemporary home. We have a variety of sizes and colours to offer. This Collection has been designed by prestigious collaborations of artists like Javier Mariscal, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Eva Lootz, Mercedes Melero, José Morea, Francis Montesinos and Valentín Herráiz.

  • Metro Crackle Collection

    Beatiuful crackled miniscule three dimensional designed wall tile with a bliss gloss finish of a ceramic material. This forms a rustic allure in either your washroom or kitchen. Now available in a selection of unique rustic colours.

  • The Heritage Collection

    Mr. Jones from the Heritage Collection is a square floor tile initially introduced in 1984 by Laura Ashley herself. Although a classic grey ceramic tile this 331mm x 331mm matt design fits comfortably with the current trends for geometric patterns.

  • H Line Collection

    H Line Green is a present day tackle the exemplary Moroccan style, permitting you to encounter the customary styling and aesthetics of the Moroccan period without the mind boggling altering and cost.

    We have utilized the most developed advanced printing technology to reproduce the encaustic designs. These tiles likewise have an Anti-Slip R Rating: 9.

    Whilst tiles are for the most part found in kitchens and bathrooms, this can work just as well in other ranges such as dining front rooms, hallways and studios to include a splash of shading.

    In constrained examples an extremely swoon miniaturized scale line might show up on the surface of the tile however this is a characteristic of computerized printing technology and does not at all bargain the last aesthetical appearance of the tile when laid on the floor.

    The tiles have been pre-scored with a 2mm grout space to empower simplicity of settling and achieve the look of the first Moroccan tile when grouted.

    This Blue, Green, Terracotta and Patterned Ceramic tile is suitable for Floors or Walls.

  • Burlington Range

    The sandstone deposit and formed in the deep ground contains different mineral elements, which created different wonderful textures. The uniform shades create a visual effect of shade flow in circuitous. It also contains a glittering crystal mineral crystal white; its beautiful decorative effect is different from the sandstone at the surface of the Earth.

  • Denim Art Collection

    The Denim Art Collection is a rectified coated porcelain that gives the presence of a fabric and has a rich composition. Since this material is a porcelain item, insignificant maintenance is required. At the point when introducing rectangular tiles 15 inches or more with an staggered joint, it is prescribed that the balance does not surpass 33%. Piece to piece variety in shade or shading are characteristic in all flame mud items; along these lines it is prescribed to blend tiles from a few boxes at once amid establishment to accomplish the best scope of shading. At the point when blending sizes inside of an arrangement, shade, composition and adjustment contrasts ought not out of the ordinary. This arrangement is suitable for private and business applications.

  • Niagra Feature Collection

    A unique feature wall tile with a cascading rough effect. They are ideal for feature walls in bathrooms and living areas. These porcelain feature tiles are available in four different colours. 

  • Natural Splitface...

    An extraordinary and progressively well known contemporary multi-hued, provincial characteristic slate mosaic, Natural Splitface Mosaic Tiles are made of bits of shaded common slate, of various sizes and thicknesses. These pieces are reinforced together to deliver an exceedingly present day textural, undulating structure, which can be utilized to make highlight dividers in both inside and outside plans.

  • Illusion Series

    light and shadow in three-dimensional surface, knocking every glance reveals a different beauty, like an illusion. Illusion Collection with infinity evocation of patterns and matching furniture, bathroom with holistic solutions while; the dynamism created by the black and white color adds to your life.

  • Blendart Collection

    Blendart, the new collection signed Ceramica Sant'Agostino, is not only a ceramic interpretation of a scrapwood, or a simply distressed wood, but conveys a marked metropolitan spirit.

    This porcelain recreates the charming veining of  wood in a new version: the extraordinary "paint effect" overlaps with the original knotty nature of the wooden material before any further processing, as if time had wanted to leave an indelible mark.

    The mix of these elements results in an artistic and painting wood with a raw modern mood, ideal for floor and wall coverings of contemporary rooms.

  • Cosmos™ Collection

    High quality full body porcelain offers combination of exceptional features, sophisticated appearance and outstanding durability. An excellent choice for a variety of commercial, architectural and domestic projects. The Cosmos porcelain tile range is available in a few sizes and is suitable for wall and floor in high traffic interior and exterior applications.

  • Itallian Brick Slips...

    This is the ideal solution for the optimization of the cladding for spaces, volumes, façades, especially in the case of insulated walls.

    They are particularly used for the decoration internal rooms of villas and general buildings. There are a lot of application of Flat bricks, in the cases where the external walls can't be covered by full bricks because the limited thickness availability. In the external spaces, they are used as cladding for façades, giving the same aesthetical effect of full bricks.

  • Quartz Starlight...

    Quartz stone is an amazing sparkling decorative surface material, polished White quartz base with reflective mirror flecks.It has become the upgrade to high-end products for modern living spaces.

  • Just Life Range

    Glazed Porcelain Tiles with the warmth of wood, for your home. The sobriety of a product designed to lend a soft glow over the places that matter in your life. Available in 7 different colours.

  • Tanum

    A brand new concrete matt effect wall and floor tile. Now available in 37.5x75 and 75x75.

  • Studio Range

    Subtle tones and marble-like characteristics will add warmth and class to any installation

  • Vintage Wood Range

    Featuring the unique and enveloping aesthetics of handcrafted wood, Vintage combines attention
    to detail of traditional carpenters with the practical nature and technical characteristics of modern porcelain stoneware, adding elegance,
    warmth and personality to environments, also in a modern style. Vintage is available in six colours in the formats 25x100, 16.5 x100 and
    15x60 cm, with two surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. The range is enriched by innovative elements to decorate in an original way.

  • Caliza Travertine...

    This glazed porcelain tile can be used on both wall and floor and comes in a versatile sizes. If you are looking for a travertine effect tile with fantastic durability and ease of installation, then this is the tile for you. 

  • Albarracin Range

    A structured and textured porcelain floor and wall tile. Using the latest print technology there is an almost infinite variety of patterns which ensures that no two tiles are the same.

  • Forest Range

    The ever more popular wood effect tiles use the latest ink jet technology to give a superb reproduction of natural wood. Available in variety of shades, they provide the beautiful look of natural wood combined with all the benefits of tiles. They are resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean and with no maintenance it is a great flooring finish for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens & conservatories.

  • Xilema Range

    Available in five colours in two formats, Xilema is the perfect solution for tiling both rustic and modern settings,with full respect for the environment.

    The future stems from the present. Quality is a balance that combines surface aesthetics and high technical performance with love for nature, thereby safeguarding the ecosystem. To achieve this, our products are realized using technologies that reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize the impact of harmful substances on the environment, while always guaranteeing attractive surfacing materials that help you live your life to the full. Natural... ceramic tiles

  • Divine Polished Range

    The Divine Polished Porcelain is a pre-sealed tile suitable for a kitchen or a bathroom and is a perfect option for a modern style home. Also suitable for commercial use i.e. high traffic areas. Available for 30x60, 60x60 and 80x80.

  • Natura Wood Range

    Touch and feel the naturalness of the wood… Natura Wood series engraves the most natural stance of the wood on the ceramic, just as an embroidery.  It offers the same warmth and magic, along with the advantages of the ceramic. One of its different shades will surely fascinate you…

  • Tindaya Series

    NEW Range of beautiful wood effect floor tiles From Cifre which will create a warm feel in your home. Now available in different colours.

  • Brooklyn Stone Range

    This popular porcelain matt finish, slate-effect wall and floor tile is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, and has a slight riven texture to give a real slate-effect feel.

  • Dorset Range

    Combine these decor tiles with a combination of the plain tiles in the Barnet Series, to create an elegant and ever popular Victorian style floor to suit your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Pizarra Q Rock Range

    Our Pizarra Q Rock range is a full bodied porcelain tile with a riven texture.

  • Citymax Decor Sets

    Highly contrasting gathering in little stripes with fabric impact. Floor tiles are introduced in dark. The gathering offers a board of three plates as vast differentiating Flowers.

  • Bengal Range

    Beautiful Slate-Effect Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile. This porcelain tile is suitable for creating a natural look in any Bathroom, Kitchen or Hallway on Floors or Walls.

  • Narpes Slate Range

    The ultimate collection that conveys the strength of natural stone to create a modern ambience. The versatility of this series is integrated by a wide body format 45x90cm. 

    The design of the different types of stones recreate warm and cosy spaces. The matt finish of the pieces combined with quartz glass and stone mosaics, provide a gentle harmony. In addition, the wall tile has a pleasant matt texture and the floor tile with a smooth relief transmits the qualities innate to the natural world. 

    These three series are available in white, beige, natural and anthracite have the possibility to combine making them even more dynamic. 

  • Diva Range

    These ceramic floor tiles have the appearance of natural stone, with a matt finish and a riven texture to ensure they are anti-slip. Use as a practical alternative to real stone, while still gaining the authentic style it brings.

  • Cappuccino Marble Range

    Cappuccino Beige/Brown Wall Tile reproduces a cleaned marble tile adding style to any room at the portion of the expense of genuine marble. Supplement your dividers with the coordinating cappuccino floor tiles. This tile brags the capacity to stagger in both contemporary and customary style of rooms. 

  • Blanco Brillo Series

    New trends in blanco brillo (glossy white).
    These remain at the latest trend with a range of white ceramic products culminated with the Blanco Brillo series. These tiles responds to the new interior design trends providing a wide range of ceramic products distinguished by their white tonality, the must have colour nowadays for environments, fashion and accessories. The 15x15 size is one of the new ceramic products that have been added this year to our wall tile series. Besides, the series counts on additional pieces able to customize each space with a touch of colour, glamour or elegance on the essence and lightness of white colour.

  • Divine Matt Range

    The Divine Matt Porcelain is a pre-sealed tile suitable for a kitchen or a bathroom and is a perfect option for a modern style home. Also suitable for commercial use i.e. high traffic areas. Available for 30x60, 60x60 and 80x80.

  • Jimki Wood Range

    Jimki a hard, very good imitation of natural plank it faithfully reproducing the melee, ideal for modern spaces both on the floor and on the walls, terraces, balconies, bathrooms, living rooms, saunas and swimming pools. 4 tiles on one side create the impression of smaller boards with invisible seams between the tiles.

  • Stone Series

    These ceramic floor tiles have the appearance of natural stone, with a matt finish and a riven texture to ensure they are anti-slip. Use as a practical alternative to real stone, while still gaining the authentic style it brings.

  • Adamas Collection

    A modern Italian Stone with a shaded effect dedicated to the biggest spaces, inner and outer. Essential lines exalt the architecture of public and private spaces.

  • Opaque White Range Tiles

    This Gloss White Ceramic Rectified tile is ideal for creating a fresh and light modern look to your bathroom. Together with our range of mosaics can create a Classic look to your home.

  • Devonstone Feature...

    Devonstone offers simplicity and clarity which is inspired by our Devon heritage.

  • Nimes Feature Range

    A gorgeous, glazed/textured ceramic wall tile. Available in two stunning colours, pearl white and grey. Both tiles can be used alternately as features or main tiles, giving many options for different combinations

  • Muri Feature Collection

    Popular porcelain brick cladding effect tile which will bring a unique yet natural look in kitchen, bathrrom and living environments.

  • Premium Empire Collection

    Premium Empire Collection is a modern, highly durable, porcelain tile selection. These polised tiles have a lower maintenance then real marble and are pre-sealed. Get the same feel of Itailian nobility in your home suite, bathroom, living space and kitchen. This range has 3 available sizes 80x80, 40x80 and 16x80 and are 10mm thick, and have matching bar and jewel mosaics.

  • Efeso Range

    Italian natural textured kitchen tiles which provide the ultimate rustic, country look.

  • Eco Stone Collection

    A floor and wall tile collection that embodies the solidity and strength of nature with a simple but welcoming elegance.

    coloured body porcelain stoneware
    natural and lapped surface

  • Start Collection

    Mix and match: a play on style or combinations of different materials in a fascinating mix. Start is a collection of white body wall tiles and porcelain stoneware flooring that combines the minimalist mood of cement with the spirit and warmth of natural wood. For total harmony of style and design.

  • Baltic Collection

    Adorn your Home And Offices
    with elegant Digital Wall Tiles

  • Benicasim Range

    Benicasim Spanish artistic matt complete tiles work flawlessly in any vintage style home with their blurred shading making and matured and weathered impact, high on pattern!

    Our Benicasim tiles have a mosaic style impact to them, making establishment less demanding and faster! This additionally implies the examples can be blended and coordinated in whichever way you like!

    These staggering Spanish tiles are accessible in 5 shades making these tiles ideal for any kitchen, restroom, living region or feasting zone!

  • Snow Storm

    Snow Storm is the porcelain tile series enthused by gold limestone originally used by Spanish and Portuguese conquerors in their construction of castles and fortresses all across the Atlantic Coast.

  • The Masterpiece...

    Available in an accumulation of trendy and upscale options all included in The Masterpiece Collection

    Motivation in the Masterpiece Collection for a portion of the outlines originated from engineering from as far back as antiquated Greece and Italy. It just demonstrates that style and great taste is ageless, so the Masterpiece Collection will look astonishing and excellent in both conventional and contemporary styled homes.

  • Rhombus

    Exclusive to Al-Murad Online. This Rhombus collection is ahead of is time and perfect for renovating any area of your residence. These tiles come in a vast amount of fresh colours that can transform and room into a piece of art. The layout possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want. These Geo tiles come in 18.6cm x 5.2cm (7 1/3 inches x 2 inches) in left and right format and the hexagon pieces come 12.4cm x 10.7cm (5 inches x 4 inches).

  • Denver

    An exciting new range based on nature and textiles for internal and external use.

  • Reconstruction Collection

    The pattern for broad arrangement floor tiles continues developing. Incredible to take a gander at, down to earth to live with and outstandingly flexible in the settings they work in – including rooms, living regions and passages, and in addition kitchens and restrooms – these tiles have it all. composed with the look of concrete, they put forth a moderate expression wherever they are utilised.

  • Dimention Collection

    Wide spectrum of three dimension tiles

  • Filita Collection

    Filita achieves what very few ceramic products can, it can be used for floors, walls, outside and inside. It is the best choice for the whole house. If Filita is installed in the floor of the whole house, provides a very modern effect of continuity providing a feeling of having a bigger space.

  • Gulfstone Quartz...

    Gulf Stone is a fine quartz resin based engineered stone made by exclusive patented bretonstone® system made in Oman.

    This engineered stone is made from approximately 93% of natural raw materials. Crushed selected quartz, siliceous sand, and for some product lines from added crushed mirrors blended and bound with high-performance polyester resin and colour pigments. In the production process, a blend of aggregate filler and binders is compressed using patented vacuum-vibration process that makes Gulf Stone engineered stone reach a very high density with mechanical-physical characteristics exceeding high-quality natural stone.

    Gulf Stone engineered stone can be used in many high traffic areas in the building industry such as hotels, airport halls, schools or commercial properties.

  • Outdoor 20mm Collection

    Manufactured for the first time in Turkey, 20-mm-thick porcelain tile series seeks to raise expectations and set new standards. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these series provide effective solutions in public spaces due to their easy installation and resistance level of over 1,000 kg per cm2. Manufactured with a distinctive level of quality, the aim to change everything you know about porcelain.

  • London Range

    Classic and contemporary, all in one.

  • Yale Range

    Porcelain Floor Tile. Shiny. Rectified. No Repeat. Very Destonified.

  • Distressed Collection

    A new range of beautiful rectified distressed concrete effect porcelain tiles with multiple finishes.

  • Icon Collection

    The imperishable concrete texture, everlasting icon, introducing the essential material for contemporary architectures

  • Budget Collection

    A wide range of affordable tiles.

  • Steelwalk

    Steelwalk originated as a collection featuring advanced engineering and aesthetics. A natural product inspired by a material of the utmost simplicity and beauty - metal! Available in four colour shades all with a beautiful semi polished face. The metallic sparkle finish of the collection brings brightness to any design, giving interiors a contemporary feel and a strong personality.

  • Vintage Fruit Mural...

    Beautiful porcelain tiles great on your kitchen backsplash or just about anywhere throughout your home. The design includes a basket full of fruits and vegetables with a blue striped pitcher nearby.

  • Shark Collection
    Graphic with personality, with character. However, far from being eccentric or too classifiable. Its elegance supports the graphic debris and texture changes. It brings a cosmopolitan and urban look to spaces of any dimension.
  • Jungle Lux

    Rectified high gloss porcelain wood effect tile with a rich deep finish. Highly resistant to wear, stains and acids.

  • Handmade

    A unique collection of hand painted fired ceramic tiles.

  • Lenos

    This Lenos collection transports the industrial and vintage concept of the designer Francisco Segarra to a porcelain product with an aged ceramic appearance. For sale per square meter this new collection of Lenos Signature comes in 22.3 x22.3 cm and 45x45 cm format with multiple different combination possibilities.