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    The Divine Polished Porcelain is a pre-sealed tile suitable for a kitchen or a bathroom and is a perfect option for a modern style home.

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  • £ 5.99

    A refined and suitable material, where colours emphasize the room with a new and elegant note. The essential design of the surfaces enrich the furniture adding a perfect balance to the whole living space.

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  • £ 1.40

    This patterned tile is a great way to bring the beauty of marble into your home, without the extra maintenance which a natural stone tile can require.

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  • £ 0.35

    Metro is a brick shaped wall tile with a bevelled edge and high gloss finish and is also suitable for use in both kitchen and bathrooms. The Metro collection is simple, elegant, and appropriate for both the period or contemporary home.

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  • £ 4.99

    Our Pizarra Q Rock range is a full bodied porcelain tile with a riven texture.

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  • £ 2.49

    Barnet. There are three floor tile collections to combine with the plane base tiles, decorative tiles and mosaics to emulate Victorian floors renowned for their elegance. This collection offers a lot of possibilities with its main colours being: white and grey, brown as a natural and leather colour, and finally a colour between Black and Terra.

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